Jimmy Grant, a taste of Greece

Jimmy Grants ,113 St David Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Jimmy Grants is one of my favorite  bar-restaurant, which is in the heart of Fitzroy and has stand out well in that foodsacpe.This medium sized-venue bar-restaurant has different branches in Melbourne with very affordable food and bar menu.

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Scrumptious Slouvaki that the ingredients are all wrapped up in a more condensed form.
There are 5 main Slovakia wraps or platters that you can choose from;these dishes combining meat in a very tasteful dish that has become a trademark of the modern Greek culture over the years.
Mr Papadopoulos, Nonna Maria, the patris, the Bonegilla and homer. Essentially you are given options between chicken, lamb, a mix of the two, prawns and falafel. What makes these stands out differently in Slovakia in Melbourne is the mixture of chips, mustard aioli and parsley. The mixture of mustard aioli and combination of the selected ingredients is what makes these particular Souva’s different from any other.Mr papadopoulos is my favorite dish or wrap,also grain salad which is rich in flavor and has   palaes,nuts,grains,herbs,and is decorated with Greek style yogurt.

View out side of the cuisine

This Greek cuisine is representing Greek street food with a modern twist, inspired by George Calombaris’ Greek heritage. I must say, blend of dark theme, brick texture wall and the architectural design of the interior of the place has created a romantic atmosphere for the bar which is very relaxing and soul touching environment. The only weak point is the tiny short stools that are not really standard for the high table.

Inside the cuisine

This Nice and cosy place to eat is one of the places that can remind me the flavor of food in old days. However I am not Greek girl but I feel somehow this restaurant is reminding me my nights-out that I used to have in Dubai. Whenever, I am there, am filled with nostalgia for my home town restaurant.


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