Food Festival

French Olivier potato stock/ Olivier Salad

This salad has a long story, it is originally a French salad that Russian nominated for themselves. Back in 1864, a French chef, Monsieur Olivier, who worked for the Russian Tsar invented this fancy salad that can be served in bars or at home. The salad was given two names: ‘Olivier’, in honor of its creator, and ‘Imperial’ in honor of the Russian Empire.Also french call it Olivier stock potato.


French olivier potato stock

I found it very unique as well as yummy to be presented in food fair.This dish is usually consumed in parties or for a light dinner or a fancy is quiet well-known in Europe but has definitely different variations. This recipe is the original french one I guess.

½ breast chicken, ½ cup chick peas, 5 pickles, 4 potatoes, 4 eggs
Parsley for decoration, 200 gr mayonnaise sauce/ salt and pepper
I heat very softly the breast chicken with one onion, turmeric powder, salt. so added 1 glass of water and left to boil and cook for 45 minutes. I boiled eggs and potatoes ,Grated the potatoes, eggs, and pickles, and mixed the m up so added the shredded chicken breast and the chick peas, salt, black pepper, mayonnaise sauce and finalized it with covering the salad with a thin layer of mayonnaise use and decorated with parsley, tomato and extra pickles if u like.

check out some cool presentation of this salad 😉

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It can be plate up in different ways. This dish is very enjoyable to make but afterward you might end up with heaps of washing as it requires a lot of utensils to be prepared. Also you have to make sure your potatoes and chicken are not over-cooked or under-cooked as could reflect on the taste effectively.

This this has a rich taste of mayonnaise so I recommend to it with toaste or little roll.

It was very delightful to see that everyone loved the dish and commented it great. I explained it as a confused dishdue to being known as russian salad but originally it is french oliver salad.every one loved it and some student kept eating as they thought it tastes  amazing.

20160212_124937 (2)
this is how my dish was recieved by the students at food fair. :)))))))



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