Paella de Catalán

Catalan Paella is one of regional dish of spain. This word which derives from the Old French word paelle for pan,and its origin refers back to the region of Valencia,eastern coast of spain.valencia is the largest area of producing rice. According to Frank Camorra and Richard Cornish food such as Paella were originally popular at the time that spain was had to be prepared in the mode of poverty or in another word in family theme.Paella used to be cooked by farmers and farm labors in a pan with their own woody spoon and was eaten straight away from the pan.Essentially rice was the main ingredient of the dish which was dressed by whatever ingredients were available to create texture and flavor to the dish.this dish is not a national dish as outside of their region, nobody knows how to make them,or recipe can be diffrent.

The ingredients of this dish are as follows:
Rice, prawn or( lamb, chicken rabbit) , tuna fish or monk fish, mussels, clams, squid, mashed tomato, garlic cloves, parsley, and herbs such as smoked paprika and fundamental element which is saffron.
Rabbit and chicken are the most popular meat of the dish.Over the years as this food became more adapted to other regions variant form of this dish came along. For example,  Paella can be prepared with lamb and pork;migration of Muslims to spain, and introduction to halal food brought another variant form with chiken and prawn.people who lived around coast line such as Valencia coast, they usually choose sea food as the main meat of this dish.

This dish a little gas fire under the pan to keep the food hot, because it is important the food being served in hot temperature. In Melbourne or worldwide, some restaurants plate up the food in a deep plate something that has a shape of pan. But originally it should be served the way that Spanish plate it up.

The following photos are few examples of how paella is plated up.

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