GOÛT DU FRANÇAIS,Taste of france


Tartiflette is one of well-known and easy to prepare regional dish of France. This nutritive dish is originally from Haute Savoie, the mountainous area of Rhône-Alpes. Basically, this dish has been very popular in ski resorts of the Savoie area since it was created. This Savoie’s dish is expressing the French au gratin recipes which is based on au gratin potatoes and French reblochon cheese that originates from the Aravis valley, the cradle of the rich French reblochon cheese made from cow’s milk. In the 1980’s, this dish was highly advertised by the reblochon trade association, in order to increase the sales of their cheese.That is why this dish is aregional dish of france.

Shannon Bennett claims that, “Ingredients, preparation and the understanding of the recipe are always superior in their place of origin”. In France popular local provincial dish are varied by adding something to the recipe in each province. The original Tartiflette only includes medium-sized red potatoes, white onions, smoked streaky bacon, garlic, sea salt and black pepper, the renowned reblochon cheese. Baked for about an hour, this French potato gratin can be decorated by an appetizing crunchy golden crust. Although there are different variation recipe of Tartiflette.33cd3881f80c0058aacef071f0ee90d6

The yellow golden color of this dish would be nice to be dressed with green salad and a glass of crisp French white wine.Also it is serve up in different way of dressing in Melbourne but amazingly this dish can be served up all according to the chefs taste,for examples different restaurant in Melbourne  can plate up this dish differently but all of them are following the same chart of plating up which is some salad or green veggies.

The photos showing the different ways that this dish can be plated up.

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