Italian cuisine is a combination of regional dishes that each dish represent its locality.  Atrusi whose masterpiece is not only a popular cook book but also his knowledge in cooking is a land mark work in Italian culture.He was passionate about learning from middle class food and spread and follow the nostalgia of national culture.


Falsomagro in italian presentation

Falsomagro is a traditional Sicilian stuffed meat roll that is well-known in italian cuisine. In old days, meat was not as nice and tender as we have now, so the Chefs of Nobles created new fillings to stuff the meat. Every Sicilian family use a different stuffing inside, and created their own version. . Essentially its name means “false thin”, which means that it looks just lean cut of beef but when it is sliced, it is full of strong-flavour ingredients. Italian family prepare this dish for special occasions such as christmas day , as this is a relatively expensive dish. This dish is originally made in sugo which is combined with home made maccaruni.


Falsomagro in sugo sauce

The main ingredients of the Recipe of this dish is round beef steak butter fried, tomato, breadcrumbs, finely chopped garlic, grated Romano cheese, chopped flat leaf parsley, extra strips of cheese, salt and black pepper, salami stripes.

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Falsomagro is usually plates up like nice, thin slices ,and serves with vegetables or salads and eggplant dishes.It is also can be eaten in cold temperature the next day.

See photoes below ;presentation from diffrent countries.

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