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Food Festival

French Olivier potato stock/ Olivier Salad

This salad has a long story, it is originally a French salad that Russian nominated for themselves. Back in 1864, a French chef, Monsieur Olivier, who worked for the Russian Tsar invented this fancy salad that can be served in bars or at home. The salad was given two names: ‘Olivier’, in honor of its creator, and ‘Imperial’ in honor of the Russian Empire.Also french call it Olivier stock potato.


French olivier potato stock

I found it very unique as well as yummy to be presented in food fair.This dish is usually consumed in parties or for a light dinner or a fancy is quiet well-known in Europe but has definitely different variations. This recipe is the original french one I guess.

½ breast chicken, ½ cup chick peas, 5 pickles, 4 potatoes, 4 eggs
Parsley for decoration, 200 gr mayonnaise sauce/ salt and pepper
I heat very softly the breast chicken with one onion, turmeric powder, salt. so added 1 glass of water and left to boil and cook for 45 minutes. I boiled eggs and potatoes ,Grated the potatoes, eggs, and pickles, and mixed the m up so added the shredded chicken breast and the chick peas, salt, black pepper, mayonnaise sauce and finalized it with covering the salad with a thin layer of mayonnaise use and decorated with parsley, tomato and extra pickles if u like.

check out some cool presentation of this salad 😉

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It can be plate up in different ways. This dish is very enjoyable to make but afterward you might end up with heaps of washing as it requires a lot of utensils to be prepared. Also you have to make sure your potatoes and chicken are not over-cooked or under-cooked as could reflect on the taste effectively.

This this has a rich taste of mayonnaise so I recommend to it with toaste or little roll.

It was very delightful to see that everyone loved the dish and commented it great. I explained it as a confused dishdue to being known as russian salad but originally it is french oliver salad.every one loved it and some student kept eating as they thought it tastes  amazing.

20160212_124937 (2)
this is how my dish was recieved by the students at food fair. :)))))))



Jimmy Grant, a taste of Greece

Jimmy Grants ,113 St David Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Jimmy Grants is one of my favorite  bar-restaurant, which is in the heart of Fitzroy and has stand out well in that foodsacpe.This medium sized-venue bar-restaurant has different branches in Melbourne with very affordable food and bar menu.

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Scrumptious Slouvaki that the ingredients are all wrapped up in a more condensed form.
There are 5 main Slovakia wraps or platters that you can choose from;these dishes combining meat in a very tasteful dish that has become a trademark of the modern Greek culture over the years.
Mr Papadopoulos, Nonna Maria, the patris, the Bonegilla and homer. Essentially you are given options between chicken, lamb, a mix of the two, prawns and falafel. What makes these stands out differently in Slovakia in Melbourne is the mixture of chips, mustard aioli and parsley. The mixture of mustard aioli and combination of the selected ingredients is what makes these particular Souva’s different from any other.Mr papadopoulos is my favorite dish or wrap,also grain salad which is rich in flavor and has   palaes,nuts,grains,herbs,and is decorated with Greek style yogurt.

View out side of the cuisine

This Greek cuisine is representing Greek street food with a modern twist, inspired by George Calombaris’ Greek heritage. I must say, blend of dark theme, brick texture wall and the architectural design of the interior of the place has created a romantic atmosphere for the bar which is very relaxing and soul touching environment. The only weak point is the tiny short stools that are not really standard for the high table.

Inside the cuisine

This Nice and cosy place to eat is one of the places that can remind me the flavor of food in old days. However I am not Greek girl but I feel somehow this restaurant is reminding me my nights-out that I used to have in Dubai. Whenever, I am there, am filled with nostalgia for my home town restaurant.



Italian cuisine is a combination of regional dishes that each dish represent its locality.  Atrusi whose masterpiece is not only a popular cook book but also his knowledge in cooking is a land mark work in Italian culture.He was passionate about learning from middle class food and spread and follow the nostalgia of national culture.


Falsomagro in italian presentation

Falsomagro is a traditional Sicilian stuffed meat roll that is well-known in italian cuisine. In old days, meat was not as nice and tender as we have now, so the Chefs of Nobles created new fillings to stuff the meat. Every Sicilian family use a different stuffing inside, and created their own version. . Essentially its name means “false thin”, which means that it looks just lean cut of beef but when it is sliced, it is full of strong-flavour ingredients. Italian family prepare this dish for special occasions such as christmas day , as this is a relatively expensive dish. This dish is originally made in sugo which is combined with home made maccaruni.


Falsomagro in sugo sauce

The main ingredients of the Recipe of this dish is round beef steak butter fried, tomato, breadcrumbs, finely chopped garlic, grated Romano cheese, chopped flat leaf parsley, extra strips of cheese, salt and black pepper, salami stripes.

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Falsomagro is usually plates up like nice, thin slices ,and serves with vegetables or salads and eggplant dishes.It is also can be eaten in cold temperature the next day.

See photoes below ;presentation from diffrent countries.

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GOÛT DU FRANÇAIS,Taste of france


Tartiflette is one of well-known and easy to prepare regional dish of France. This nutritive dish is originally from Haute Savoie, the mountainous area of Rhône-Alpes. Basically, this dish has been very popular in ski resorts of the Savoie area since it was created. This Savoie’s dish is expressing the French au gratin recipes which is based on au gratin potatoes and French reblochon cheese that originates from the Aravis valley, the cradle of the rich French reblochon cheese made from cow’s milk. In the 1980’s, this dish was highly advertised by the reblochon trade association, in order to increase the sales of their cheese.That is why this dish is aregional dish of france.

Shannon Bennett claims that, “Ingredients, preparation and the understanding of the recipe are always superior in their place of origin”. In France popular local provincial dish are varied by adding something to the recipe in each province. The original Tartiflette only includes medium-sized red potatoes, white onions, smoked streaky bacon, garlic, sea salt and black pepper, the renowned reblochon cheese. Baked for about an hour, this French potato gratin can be decorated by an appetizing crunchy golden crust. Although there are different variation recipe of Tartiflette.33cd3881f80c0058aacef071f0ee90d6

The yellow golden color of this dish would be nice to be dressed with green salad and a glass of crisp French white wine.Also it is serve up in different way of dressing in Melbourne but amazingly this dish can be served up all according to the chefs taste,for examples different restaurant in Melbourne  can plate up this dish differently but all of them are following the same chart of plating up which is some salad or green veggies.

The photos showing the different ways that this dish can be plated up.

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Paella de Catalán

Catalan Paella is one of regional dish of spain. This word which derives from the Old French word paelle for pan,and its origin refers back to the region of Valencia,eastern coast of spain.valencia is the largest area of producing rice. According to Frank Camorra and Richard Cornish food such as Paella were originally popular at the time that spain was had to be prepared in the mode of poverty or in another word in family theme.Paella used to be cooked by farmers and farm labors in a pan with their own woody spoon and was eaten straight away from the pan.Essentially rice was the main ingredient of the dish which was dressed by whatever ingredients were available to create texture and flavor to the dish.this dish is not a national dish as outside of their region, nobody knows how to make them,or recipe can be diffrent.

The ingredients of this dish are as follows:
Rice, prawn or( lamb, chicken rabbit) , tuna fish or monk fish, mussels, clams, squid, mashed tomato, garlic cloves, parsley, and herbs such as smoked paprika and fundamental element which is saffron.
Rabbit and chicken are the most popular meat of the dish.Over the years as this food became more adapted to other regions variant form of this dish came along. For example,  Paella can be prepared with lamb and pork;migration of Muslims to spain, and introduction to halal food brought another variant form with chiken and prawn.people who lived around coast line such as Valencia coast, they usually choose sea food as the main meat of this dish.

This dish a little gas fire under the pan to keep the food hot, because it is important the food being served in hot temperature. In Melbourne or worldwide, some restaurants plate up the food in a deep plate something that has a shape of pan. But originally it should be served the way that Spanish plate it up.

The following photos are few examples of how paella is plated up.

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